GA series has „Direct Force“ design on the concept of X/Y axes linear guideway
blocks keep staying in straight line. 
Working tabe is supported by casting bases. GA series is suitable for the
precision mold cutting within small / medium stroke.

Windows CE Controller


AccuteX controller is 100% self-developed by core-technologies of R&D team. We can provide the best support in any modifications. AccuteX controller is based on Windows CE system. It features “Precise Motion Control” with rapid servo response.
Also, Windows CE system is virus free environment to assure system stability.

Cutting Efficiency Comparison

AccuteX has simplified the generator and electric circuits to eliminate unnecessary power loss and improve the cutting efficiency.
Speed comparison table with other brands in different thickness of workpieces.


Coner Control Fun

According to different wire diameters, corner angles, arc radius and thicknesses,
AccuteX controller optimizes parameters for the best cutting efficiency with high accuracy.
Especially on the small path and continuous corners, machines can meet the corner
accuracy demand.


New Lead-In / Lead-Out Control


New generation of Lead-In / Lead-Out function is available for Tungsten Carbide.
The wire mark is 2μm after 3 cuts by 40mm thickness which improving mold quality
and saving second time polishing hours.

Max. Work Piece Size L x W x H (mm)880 x 630 x 215
Max. Work Piece Weight (kg)500kg
X x Y stroke (mm)500 x 300
U x V Stroke (mm)60
Z Stroke (mm)220
Max. Cutting Taper (mm)±15˚ / H80mm
Max. Wire Spool Weigh (kg)10
Foot Print (mm) W x D x H2209 x 2402 x 1994
Water System Capacity (L)725
Machine Weight (kg)3000

(*) “A” stands for AWT optional function.
(*) “L” stands for linear motor optional function.

Standard Accessories

。SD Master
。Manual Sliding door
。Upper / Lower Flushing Nozzle
。Diamond Guide
。Conductor Plate
。Brass Wire
。Ion Exchange Resin
。Ion Resin Tank
。Paper Filter
。Waste Wire Bin
。Vertical Alignment Jig
。Diamond Guide Remove Jig
。Tools and Clampers
。Tool Bo

Optional Accessories


。Auto Voltage Stabilizer
。Water Chiller
。PCD / Graphite Power Module
。S Power Module
。Rotary Table Package (W axis)
。XY Axes Liner Motor
。0.2μm Resolution Linear Scale
。Auto Wire Threading (AWT)
。High Pressure Water Jet Threading
。45Kg Wire Jumbo Feeder
。Remote Master
。GSM Messenger
。Anti-Collision on Z-Axis
。Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Integration System
。Safety Door Interlock
。Machine Status Indicator
。Touch Screen